Badging Information

Security badges for Blue Grass Airport are issued by the badging office of the airport’s Integrated Operations and Coordination Center (IOCC). Badges can only be used for legitimate business purposes and must support your job responsibilities.

All prospective badge holders requiring unescorted access must complete an application and be fingerprinted for a criminal history records check. To begin the process, set up an appointment with our office by using the scheduling app to your right. Information will be provided on appropriate forms of identification needed to apply as well as directions to the badging office. Badges will be issued upon approval of results. If any disqualifying crimes are revealed, badges will not be issued.

Questions regarding airport security requirements? Contact the Integrated Operations and Coordination Center at 859.425.3112.

Schedule Your Appointment

Badging, fingerprinting and training are available through the airport’s Operations Department. Appointments are required. Schedule your appointment here.