Airport Master Plan

Blue Grass Airport is in the process of creating a new Master Plan—a tool to manage the airport’s development and operational sustainability. It is designed to meet future aviation demand and creates a strategic vision to accommodate the needs of the region. The plan covers five, 10 and 20-year horizons and is typically updated every ten years, all while following Federal Aviation Administration standards and incorporating feedback from the local aviation community and general public.

During this 18-month process, the airport and its team will gather and analyze data about the existing facility, including physical and operational aspects as well as environmental and financial considerations.

Economic Impact of Airport

The airport’s latest economic impact study demonstrates that Blue Grass Airport provides an economic impact of $370 million and 3,478 jobs. These figures continue to grow each year, so the Master Plan will ensure the airport can successfully accommodate both current and future passengers.

Master Plan Materials

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Master Plan Open House #2

Summer 2023 – Details coming soon!

Come and go at your convenience! Explore information stations and provide feedback. There will not be a formal presentation.

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Throughout the Master Plan process, there will be opportunities to share your thoughts regarding Blue Grass Airport’s future!

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