Airport Impact & Development​

Blue Grass Airport is an important component of Lexington’s economy, contributing to both the Lexington area and other parts of Kentucky. The airport is the primary air service provider for not only central Kentucky, but also for much of eastern and southern Kentucky, serving a 54-county area.

Because of the airport, residents of Lexington and the region can more conveniently access the national air transportation system, allowing them to conduct business in all parts of the U.S. and internationally, to visit family and friends and to enjoy vacation destinations. The airport also makes it easy for hundreds of thousands of visitors to come to Lexington for business meetings and leisure attractions that the region has to offer.

The airport’s latest economic impact study demonstrates that Blue Grass Airport provides an economic impact of $370 million and 3,478 jobs. These figures continue to grow each year and so to successfully accommodate both our current and future passengers, the airport conducts Master Plan studies to forecast future activity and plan for an orderly phased development of the airport over time to accommodate that activity.